Gourmet Wine Club

I love a good wine, with good friends and good food. I particularly love the science and art of wine; how it enhances the flavors of the foods from its own terroir.

The creation of the Gourmet Wine Club was purely selfish on my part in that I wanted to enjoy that marriage of food and wine made for each other, with my friends, and not have to do all the work myself. That is exactly what the Gourmet Wine Club does. It makes a group of friends find great wines, make great food, and enjoy it all together. If you are ambitious you should also blog, or record it in some manner, the events – the recipes and wines. After 3 years I am finally doing just that with this first post. I will try to post some of our favorite recipes and wines so that you and your club can learn from us.

This club was initially made up of 8 couples. At this point, 3 years in, we are closer to 5-6 couples that regularly show up. This is actually a really good number as you will see with the requirements. Any more and you will end up too stuffed and drunk to remember the evening.


  • 4 times a year, 1x/quarter
  • Each couple commits to one of the nights, in the end you are hosting 1 time every 2 years.
  • We created a Facebook page for the event coordination.
  • The host picks a country or region for the wine. Then each couple is to pick 1 or 2 wines and  a dish from that region.
  • To keep duplication down to a minimum we try to encourage posting of wines and dishes in advance on the Facebook page. With busy lives sometimes this is not done and thus we might end up with a duplicate wine but rarely a duplicate dish.


More to come as I post about specific events…