Time has slipped through my fingertips. It shifts from one moment to the next as erratically and quickly as the sand grains in the waves along the beach.

Time is this untouchable concept and yet it touches every part of our existence. We fear it. We want it to slow down, speed up, stop, never stop. But just like the waves, time keeps moving.

The only power we have over time is to fill it full of memories so that time is not forever lost. That is the only way to not lose it, to slow it down, to hold on to time.

And yet we are constantly missing this, losing time forever with our kids, our loved ones, ourselves. Stop the clock, fill each moment of life with a memory and don’t let time shift with the waves and be lost forever.




Freddy’s Obituary


It is with much regret that I inform you of the passing of Freddy. Freddy was a great friend, wonderful son, fun brother, and hard worker. We welcomed him into our house with love. It was as if he was always a part of our family. However, after only a few short months he woke up this morning not feeling well, and a short time later was found dead in his room. There was no struggle, no dramatic goodbyes, only a sadness that this was the end.

Freddy is survived by his brothers’ Crazy and Bobby, and his adopted Daddy P. He was a hard worker; worked tirelessly every day and never complained. He seemed to find joy in what one might call menial tasks. His unassuming, quiet nature kept him from ever seeking the limelight. One might even forget he was there. Yet, with his passing a little boy was saddened beyond words. After the tears subsided, he simply said, ” I just wish he was alive.”

We should all be so lucky in life, however short, to enjoy our work whatever it might be, be the best we can, and to be loved, even by one small soul.

Goodnight and goodbye to Freddy the Fish.