About Me


Who am I

When I contemplate “Who am I” I want to break out singing the song from Les Miserables. Originally, I wanted to write out a list of things I like to do in order to define who I am. I like to sing, dance salsa, drink good wines and eat amazing food, have girl time, travel, experience new cultures, learn languages, spend time with my family and help others.

Then I realized that would give you a very thin picture of who I am. I am a woman who is driven to doing something great in this world and realizing finally, I have done a lot of little “great” things. I am a wife who found a partner in life who has forced me to see life in a better way than I ever did before. I am a mom who adores her children and would give my life without hesitation for them. They are the ones that have helped me turn my life around from one of feeling every little microscopic disappointment as if it was a slug in the face, to one of seeing all the joy that exists – the gut-splitting laughter over nothing at all, the joy of tickle fights and cuddles. I am a sister, a daughter, a friend, an organizer, a motivator, a worker, a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer, a Georgetown alum, a singer, a volunteer.

My hope is to never stop adding to what makes me the person I am today.

Why I blog

I have seen so many friends get stuck as careers and family life force them onto a certain path. Lately, I have experienced the after effects of that “stuck” life, as the older people I love begin to feel like they have no purpose. Blogging is my way of putting some curves into my path. It reminds me that purpose is always available at my fingertips.

Taking the experiences I have had in life, bringing them out, and dusting them off is the first step. With this blog I can put the lessons and experiences into words so that someone else can learn from them and grow exponentially. It has been a very rich and blessed life. It would be a shame for me to keep these things all to myself.




2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I love your title and tag line. ❤ I too believe that our lives are made up of choices. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on so many things!
    I look forward to reading more! 🙂


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