Death and the Written Word


I am a murderer.

It was an accident. Crazy, Bobby, and Freddy Jr. were in a vase while I cleaned their tank. I was quite pleased that the cleaning was going so smoothly, when I looked over and noticed that Crazy, the big guy, was on his side. Fish don’t do this normally so I mention it to my husband who walks over and realizes that the water is hot. The fish were cooking!! I had put the vase on the counter above the dishwasher which was running and the heat from it was warming the vase.

Crazy died in the vase. We thought Freddy Jr. was going to last but shortly after returning to the tank he died. Bobby seemed to be holding on. Thought we had saved at least one. But a couple hours later, when my son was going to bed, it was discovered that Bobby just couldn’t survive the loss of his friends and the shock of the whole ordeal. Bobby passed at 8:40pm.

What I found most interesting of the whole event was that through the tears my son asked me to post an article about them. If you recall I did write about the passing of Freddy #1 several months ago, a very traumatic event. My immediate thought was is this part of the Facebook culture seeping into his 8 year old body, the need to post about your every feeling and event? Since he has no experience with the addiction to likes and follows etc. of that world I believe his request goes deeper than that. Writing immortalizes our loved ones. The written word can last for thousands of years, perhaps longer as technology advances, while the body comes and goes in less than a single century.

Human beings want to hold on to the good memories and the best way to do it is by putting it in writing. A thought, a memory, an opinion has far greater power in writing than the average person understands. If the written word can keep a person alive forever in our memories, it has powers that should be respected.

Write down your memories, big and small. Don’t let the good ones slip away into oblivion.

To respect the wishes of my son I would like to immortalize his faithful friends….

Freddy Jr., Crazy, and Bobby died on Sunday, December 18 between 7 and 9pm.They lived a short life but provided great happiness to their owner, a sweet 8 year old boy.

Freddy Jr. was a little guy, fearful of the bigger fish. His owner would have to throw an extra pinch of food while the big guys were distracted so that it would fall to the bottom where Freddy waited.

Crazy was the big guy and he was crazy. When food came he would jump out of the water for it, thinking he was a dolphin.

Bobby was the most responsible one. He methodically scanned the walls, going side to side, up and down, always looking for something. He liked to rest on the pebbles as well.

They were our friends. May they enjoy the giant fishpond in the sky, knowing they made our lives a little better.



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