A String of Lights


A simple string of lights has power beyond explanation. Placed in a child’s bedroom it is able to scare away the Boogeyman, ghosts and other unsavory visitors. Hung in a restaurant results in a hip new place to hang out, more guests and more money. Whether it is a single string or thousands of strings, at Christmas time the lights bring magic to our lives.

Multi-colored, white, blue, green, red, orange, funny shapes, blinking or not, these lights have a power to make people feel for a moment that they have been transported to another, more magical place. It may be for a split second as your walking your dog and you look up at a house with a few lights. It may be a longer time as you sit amidst a display of lights.

As you go about you’re crazy, insanely busy days leading up to Christmas, take a moment to look at the lights. Forget about the traffic, the long lines at the stores, the frustrated parents who can’t find the asked-for-gift, the family obligations or the lack of family and feel that peaceful, magical place the lights have shown you. Bring that place and that feeling back into your day. Let the magic of the lights help you slow down and enjoy everything around you.





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