Food Safety


I am always concerned about what goes into the food I am giving to my family and friends. If feeding them only organic, farm-raised foods was the answer than that is what I would do. However, the all too ugly truth is there is no purely safe food. Our food has an extremely long process, touched by many hands, passing through many environments, before it lands in our bellies.

U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has only the power that food giants will allow it to have. Traveling to Europe and Japan for food shows I have found that many of the ingredients we consume daily are banned from even entering their countries.

Organic you say is the answer. Well how about the farmer who is spraying insecticides on his crop, the wind and rain can bring that insecticide to the the organic farmer’s crops just down the road. Or the field hand or factory worker packaging the food could inadvertently infect the product before it even arrives at the grocery store.

You are constantly hearing about foods and drinks that appear to be perfectly safe for years and suddenly they are infected with something, or it is discovered that they are inherently bad for us. Just this summer I heard a new story saying bottled water had E. coli – bottled water people??!!

We cannot live in fear and we cannot live without food. I don’t have THE answer. All I can say is what I am doing and what I am teaching my kids to do.

  • Never use RoundUp. I might write a whole article on this sometime and how it is banned by most countries, including Russia and China, because of direct links to cancer.
  • Clean your food well.
  • Buy from reliable sources. If you have a farmer friend who believes in minimal use of pesticides buy from them.
  • Make your food as often as you can from scratch. That way you know what is going into your food and avoid the hidden preservatives, extra sugar and salt.
  • When you buy food make sure you can read and understand 90% of the ingredients.

Let me know if you have any additional suggestions that the everyday working mom and dad can incorporate into their life.

Eat well and stay safe.


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