MINECRAFT Birthday Party


My son was turning 7 and wanted a Minecraft Party. I found all sorts of incredible beautifully decorated cookies, bags and decorations. These were the things that the parents would “Ooo and Ahhh” about, but the kids would destroy in seconds, putting the hours and days that I put into making them into question. I am a bit of a perfectionist, but I am also a realist. I put my ego aside and instead went searching for what would make my kids say “That was the best birthday party ever.” So I tried to find Minecraft activities. This was much harder to find. In the end I did craft a pretty cool party for 15 boys….yes you heard it 15.

Some bits of wisdom I would like to pass along. First 10 or fewer kids is really the maximum headcount you should ever contemplate. Second no matter how great all the kids are, how well they get along, always stick with 2 -2 1/2 hours maximum. Less you really can’t do anything and more is just too much.  Third enlist friends or parents to help. You know how you always politely turn down that “do you need me to stay or need any help?” Don’t ! However I would pick a real helper in advance of the party not day of. Someone you are comfortable with, know well, and who will jump right in to take control when needed. Fourth have the kids help. Things will not be perfect but they will be pretty proud of themselves and you will have one or more things you do not have to do. Mine made the Creeper costume and some TNT boxes out of file boxes for the TNT explosion site.



  • Arrival of guests
  • M&M Guessing Game and free play

4:10-4:40 (30 min)

  • Gem Search and Sword Building

4:40-4:50 (10 min)

  • Shoot a Zombie

4:50-5:05 (15 min)

  • TNT Bombs

5:05 -5:20 (15 min)

  • Ender Dragon Fight

5:20-5:50 (30 min)

  • Pizza and spider cake

5:50-6:00 (10 min)

  • TNT Pinata and goodie bags

How it works….

We had the brilliant idea that this could fill a 3 hour party. It did not, primarily because of the off and on rain that kept forcing the kids to come back in the house! It did fill up about 2 1/2 hours and then a movie was put on to calm the chaos for the last half hour. If you need to fill more time the Shoot the Zombie game and Ender Dragon Fight can be played a couple times.

At the beginning the kids search for their gems, which I separated by color in baggies. I put about 14 large gems in each baggie, however 10 would have been sufficient since most had some leftover after making their swords. The gems were large jewels I bought from Amazon in yellow (gold ingot), red (redstone), and blue (diamond) colors. The kids were then divided into teams based on the color gems they found. These teams were used for Shoot the Zombie and Ender Dragon Fight. The team with the most points at the end was the first to hit the pinata, after the birthday boy of course.


M&M Guessing

  1. Need – 2 small jars, M&Ms, slips of paper, pens
  2. How to play – Count the M&Ms, place in one jar and have kids write their name and guesses as to how many M&Ms are in the jar, placing their guesses in the other jar. At the end of the party announce the winner.
  3. Notes – M&Ms have nothing to do with Minecraft but my son wanted this. If you feel a need to tie into the theme get Minecraft colors for the M&Ms

 Gem Search and Sword Building

  1. Need –  yellow, red, blue gems evenly divided in baggies; glue gun; pre-cut swords out of poster board (like the kind you would get from the Dollar Store for a Science Fair project); paint; brushes
  2. How to play – You have to spend a night or two cutting out the swords. See the picture at the top. I had a template for the sword and handle drawn as two separate pieces so I could use the poster board more efficiently and then just glue gunned the two pieces together.
    1. If you are lucky to have good weather DEFINITELY hide the baggies of gems outside. We had drizzle off and on so the gems were hidden in our living room and the paint session was set up in our garage. Two boys at a time were sent in and had to find a bag of gems and run back out in 2  minutes. They were timed.
    2. The table in the garage was set up with a sword at each spot, paper plates filled with either red/blue/yellow paint and paint brushes. The boys had to sit in the section with the same color as their gems. I allowed them to paint the handle with other colors – brown etc. but the sword itself was to be painted the gem color.
    3. Then one by one I would glue gun the gems to where they wanted it placed on their sword. This was the most time consuming part.
  3. Notes – If your son or daughter is not as adamant about having the large gems you could do glitter, smaller gems, sequins etc. which they could glue themselves. But the big gems had to get glue-gunned.

Shoot a Zombie

  1. Need – 3 -1 ft x1 ft squares of cardboard painted to look like a zombie face; 3 kid’s beach buckets to fill and 3 filled with water; 3 supersoakers or sponges work too.
  2. How to play – This is a relay race to fill your bucket with water first. Divide the group into their 3 colors, which is their team, and line them up behind the bucket of water. The empty bucket will be on top of the zombie face on the ground some distance away, maybe 10 feet. First kid in line fills their soaker with water, runs to the zombie bucket and empties their water into it. First team to fill their zombie bucket wins.
  3. Notes – Kids like this game. If you need to fill time, play this more than once.

TNT Explosions

  1. Need – Diet Coke bottles 12 oz and Mint Mentos (get as many as you have kids plus extras for spills); sheets of paper that when rolled like a cone can help funnel the mentos into the soda
  2. How to play – In principle each kid goes one at a time to dump their Mentos into their soda and watch the foaming and explosion in the air.
  3. Notes – Definitely need extra eyes on this one to prevent soda in eyes and the drinking of the sugary solution. Also buy the name brand soda and Mentos. Lots of reviews on line regarding this experiment state the explosion is not as good with generic.

Ender Dragon Fight

  1. Need – 2 foam swords made from pool noodles; DANGER tape
  2. How to play – The birthday boy is the Ender Dragon with a sword. One player with his/her noodle sword goes into an area that is marked off with something like DANGER Tape, where the Ender Dragon resides. The first one to hit somewhere below the knees with the sword wins. Any jumping out of the fight area or hitting anywhere above the knees loses. The team with the most points wins.
  3. Notes – My son insisted I figure a way to have sword fights, and not  have it conflict with my need to keep 15 boys from getting into an all out brawl resulting in injuries. I succeeded but keeping it contained and keeping eyes on the fighters constantly is the key.

Extra game…..

Creeper Water Balloon Battle

  1. Need – water balloons, creeper costume made from boxes (see photos above), willing older sister or brother to play the part of the creeper.
  2. How to play – This is like good old dodge ball, heavily favoring the kids and not the creeper. The creeper would be on one side of the field and the kids on the other, with the balloons at the middle line. All would run to the line to gather as many of the water balloons as they can. Creeper could get hit many times. However, if the Creeper hit a boy the boy would go out and that team would be down a point. The team with the most kids still in wins.
  3. Notes – We ended up with a rainy day and did not play this, but it sounded like a lot of fun.


http://textcraft.net/ – I used this site for the goodie bag names. Just type in a name using the Minecraft font, then copy and paste to word document and print.


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