ReBoot and switch to Wide-Angle

XTi_D620_005971I woke up yesterday feeling overwhelmed and under-motivated. It didn’t hit all of a sudden. It crept up on me slowly and things were on the tip of going bad when I finally realized what was happening.

The rat race was catching up with me – wall paper peeling and staring at me every day for years, dog hair (newly adopted dog) covering everything, working, house work, chauffeuring the kids to their many activities, and the holidays. Throw in the ominous feel in the air from the recent Paris and Beirut attacks and things were turning dark. Although not the most important thing to happen, but the most important thing affecting me, was the fact that I had been indoors for almost 3 days straight, tending to our daughter who had been home with a fever for several days.

The sun was shining outside and it felt cold and dark inside. My gut said “get outside”. If a gut could push that is exactly what it was doing to me. So out I went. I took my daughter too.

With the sun’s warmth on our face and arms, things automatically started to look and feel better. It was like I was getting a reboot to my system.

As the reboot to my system was taking place, I realized too that I had inadvertently switched to a telephoto lens. If you like photography at all you totally understand. I was zooming in on the small things, obsessing, magnifying and forgetting the big picture.  Switching my lens to wide angle allows life to be seen in its fullest sense.

If you find you are obsessing, and feeling overwhelmed, step outside into the light and look at the whole picture with your widest lens. Sometimes the simplest “fixes” in life can provide the biggest change.


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